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Brightwood Adventures
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Welcome to Brightwood Adventures!

Help Wally, Rowan, and the rest of the gang build a bustling Village in the Dark Forest.

Brave adventurers have traveled through the Dark Forest to discover the Lost Village of King Lionheart, but they need your help to restore it from a tiny meadow to a thriving community.

(Source: Kiwi)

Our aim is to provide you, while playing Brightwood Adventures, with all the information you could possibly need regarding game economies, building construction, houses, decor, quests, items, tricks and tips. We hope you'll find this a useful resource, and if you have any additional information, please feel free to add it to our Wiki!

How many times a day do you play Brightwood Adventures?

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It won't let me use code inside the Polls, so here's the links you need to checkout first so you can vote for the one you like best. Just make sure you read the Poll to get all you need to know about this vote. Thanks! Links: Purls of Wisdom and Symmetrical Perfection

Going strictly by the type of information provided, not formatting, which of the following Limited Edition Quest Series Walkthroughs would you like to see going forward? Keeping in mind that we can improve the formatting of whichever Walkthrough you all like the best.

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It won't let me post the links to the two LEQS Walkthroughs in the Poll. Here are the links:

Purls of Wisdom

Symmetrical Perfection


Big Changes In The Works...Edit

Sales - 04/22/2014Edit

Current Limited Edition Series - Starting 04/19/2014Edit

New FeaturesEdit

  • See all the newest features in the game
    • Updated info as of 4/2/2014

Wiki AnnouncementsEdit

Just wanted everybody to know, we've finally gone back over 600 Views in the past 24 hours. Whatever we're doing, we're getting people to come back. Let's keep up the good work and keep spreading the word that this site is still Under Construction, but is slowly getting better and better! Thanks to everyone who is helping Contribute and/or spread the word for us!

Home page remodel still underway.

I added a background image (thanks to Player2start for the graphics work), so if anyone has any problems viewing it, please let me know. By problems viewing, I mean gaps at the bottom of the screen and/or sides. Leave me a message, either on the Wiki Theme Forum Thread or on my Message Wall. All opinions also welcome. Thanks!

Talk Pages are temporarily reinstated. Wikia Staff decided to remove the Start a Discussion module at the bottom of all the pages. I have put in a request to at least make them optional. For the time being, please use the Talk button at the top of every page to discuss the layout, formatting, and content of the pages. The Talk Pages are NOT to be used to ask questions about Brightwood Adventures. The Forum is the proper place for those type questions. Please adhere to this policy until I find out what Wikia is going to do about the forum modules at the bottom of the pages. Thank you very much! Any questions, please contact me here.

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