CoolBurnMtW- Not sure if this page is a good idea or not. As I see it, it has the potential to be a useful means of establishing communications and giving minor feedback to Kiwi, or it could be a disasterous mess where people just rant about things. One idea to eliminate potential issues is to have it be a locked page, where only select people can edit the actual content but anyone can add comments to notify the editors of the errors and such. If that's even possible. The overall layout and tone may need changes as well, but at least it's a start. player2start

This page is intended to be a list of notes for minor bugs, errors, inconsistencies, or other issues found in the game. This is the stuff that Kiwi may want to be aware of and correct, but is not vital enough to warrant an email to Support. Questions for Kiwi regarding information for the wiki may also be listed here, as well as some basic suggestions for the game. Suggestions/complaints in the vein of "the game needs more ways to gain Gold or Axes" are not to be listed here.

Minor IssuesEdit

Chisels- In the Special Items screen, the Chisels that are regularly collected from Buildings seem to share the name with the Giant Chisels that are collected during Quests. The Giant Chisel seems to be taking prominence, so the information on how many Chisels (collected item) is not available to some people.

Questions (for wiki purposes)Edit

Is the Costume Shop still an active part of the game, or has it become obsolete?


Note: suggestions are a bit more personal than reporting observations or asking for information, so please be sure to sign your suggestions by using four tildes (~) at the end. Dear Kiwi- I love that you've been consistently adding new content to the game. I've noticed the addition of many Regular Quests in addition to the LE Quests, as well as the additions of new Buildings and Houses in the Market. One thing I would like to see is more additions to the Decor items. Even if they're just copies of previous LE Quest Items or something. That would be lovely. Thanks! - player2start 21:35, April 19, 2014 (UTC)

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