Quest Requirements: 6 Axes, 5 Wild Honey, Portal to Snowy Hills

Given after: Phase 1 of The Kings Gazebo

You will get stuck at Phase 9 of this Quest until you discover the Snowy Hills, so stop at Phase 4 to save Coins and Axes until that time.

Them ApplesEdit

  • Harvest Apple Tree 4 times

Secret GardenEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Romantic Garden
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Odds and EndsEdit

  • Clean the Romantic Garden
  • Time: 3 hours

Lighten UpEdit

  • Place 5 Underwater Lights
  • Cost: 3915

Pad the PondEdit

  • Search the Forest for Lily Pads, and Collect
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Who's Pad?Edit

  • Build the Romantic Garden
  • Requires: (10) Dew Drops

Petal PusherEdit

  • Visit the Flower House 2 times

Take a SeatEdit

  • Place a Love Seat
  • Cost: 783

Framed FlowersEdit

  • Search the Snowy Forest for Snow Frame, and Collect
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Home Grown RomanceEdit

  • Finish building the Romantic Garden
  • Requires: 5 Wild Honey

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