The Walkthrough for this LE Quest Series was not able to be completed. The Template below is just a trial to see if, and how, it works.

(This text should be removed before you publish the page with a new title. The page title should be the name of the Series, proceeded by "LEQS-". Example: LEQS-Series Title)

(Text from LEQS window before the LEQS is activated. Usually is an overview of the LEQS)


  • (Insert amount of Gold, Axes, or Brightwood Bucks - If any)


  • LE Quest Structure - (Insert Structure Name)


  • (Insert total number of) Axes
  • (Insert Crop, Tree, House, Building, harvested or visited)
  • LE Special Items: (Insert names of items found in the Dark Forest that are specific to this LEQS)
  • Special Items: (Insert names AND amounts of any Special Items used. Example: Dewdrop 10x)
  • Neighbor Items: (Insert names AND amounts of any Neighbor Items used. Example: Friend Ladder 3x)

(The following part is completely up to you as to whether or not you include it. If you want to include the optional total amount of Cheer used, please use this:)


  • (Insert total amount of) Cheer

(If you do not include the amount of Cheer, please remove this section from your Published page.)

(Quest 1 Title)Edit

  • (Task instructions)
  • (Optional amount of) Cheer

(Quest 2 Title)Edit

  • (Task instructions)
  • (Optional amount of) Cheer

(Quest 3 Title)Edit

  • (Task instructions)
  • (Optional amount of) Cheer

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