Rowan has a new dream.  Help him build it!



  • LE Quest Structure:  Baseball Field


  • _ Axes
  • Buildings:  Club House, Doctor's Office
  • Special Items:  Shield 5x
  • Neighbor Items:  Wish Pouch 1x
  • LE Quest Special Items:  Lawn Mower


Founding DayEdit

  • Visit the Club House 1x (Up to 10 Hours)
  • Optional:  2,400 Cheer

Surveying the FieldEdit

  • Search the Forest (3 Axes)

Field CrewEdit

  • Clean the Baseball Field (3 Hours)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer

Game Day PhysicalEdit

  • Visit the Doctor's Office 1x (Up to 5 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,200 Cheer

Mow Grass n ProblemsEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Lawn Mower and Collect (3 Axes) (2 Hours)
  • Optional:  480 Cheer

Mow the MerrierEdit

  • Build the Baseball Field (3 Hours) (Shield 5x, Wish Pouch 1x)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer


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