Professor Owlius is in town to bring some knowledge to Brightwood - but only for a limited time!


  • 1 Gold and 1 Axe


  • LE Quest Structure (Decor):  
    LE Quest Structure - Lost Sundial

    LE Quest Structure - Lost Sundial

    Lost Sundial



  • 17,340 Cheer

Professor OwliusEdit

  • Visit the Book Shop 2x (Up to 14 Hours)
  • Visit the Painting Studio 2x (Up to 8 Hours)
  • Visit the Windmill 4x (Up to 20 Hours)
  • Optional:  10,080 Cheer
    • Reward:  1 Gold

Brain FoodEdit

  • Visit the Cafe 1x (Up to 8 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,920 Cheer

Scripture StructureEdit

  • Search the Forest (3 Axes)

Clean SlateEdit

  • Clean the Lost Sundial (6 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,440 Cheer

Needle NeedingEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Needle and Collect (3 Axes) (8 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,920 Cheer

Place to TeachEdit

  • Purchase and Build 3 School Houses (4,500 Coins) (15 Minutes)
  • Each School House requires Wax 2x, Fairy Dust 2x, Wild Honey 1x to Complete
  • Optional:  60 Cheer

​Spare NeedleEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Needle and Collect (3 Axes) (8 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,920 Cheer

The Lost SundialEdit

  • Complete the Lost Sundial (Chisel 25x, Quarry Stone 5x)
    • Reward:  1 Axe

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