The air was once filled with music coming from a beautiful theater...  if we find the theater, maybe we can bring back that music!



  • LE Structure:  Outdoor Theater


  • Axes:  3
  • Decor:  Yellow Zinnias 1x
  • Special Items:  Thread 3x
  • Craftworks Special Items:  Tea Muffin 2x


Opening ActEdit

  • Search the Forest  (2 Axes)

Raise the Roof!Edit

  • Clean the Outdoor Theater  (2 Hours)
  • Optional:  480 Cheer

Flower PowerEdit

  • Purchase Yellow Zinnias 1x  (1,178 Coins)

Curtain CallEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Stage Curtain and Collect  (1 Axe)  (2 Hours)
  • Optional:  480 Cheer

Final StageEdit

  • Complete the Outdoor Theater  (Thread 3x, Tea Muffin 2x)
  • Reward:  2 Axes

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