2013 is the Lunar New Year of the Snake!  So let's celebrate in style with a Parade through town!


  • None


  • LE Structure:  Parade Float


  • 84 Gold!!! -- You have been warned!


  • _ Cheer
  • _ Gold (for skipping purposes only)

Floating the ForestEdit

  • Search the Forest  (1 Axe)

A Solid FoundationEdit

  • Clean the Parade Float  (8 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,920 Cheer

Finding FramesEdit

  • Explore the Cave for the Float Frame  (5 Axes)
  • Optional:  1 Gold

Getting FramedEdit

  • Build the Parade Float  (_ Hours)  (Chisel 10x, Heat Rocks 7x 84 Gold)
  • Optional:  _ Cheer

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