April Fool's day has come and gone, but a good prank doesn't require a holiday!  Let's find the Prank Studio!


  • Axes:  1


  • LE Structure:  
    LE Structure - Prank Studio

    LE Structure - Prank Studio

    Prank Studio


  • Axes:  6 (Net)
  • Houses:  Prank House
  • Trees:  Lemon Tree
  • Quest Structure:  Cave
  • Special Items:  Chisel 10x, Dye 2x, Sawhorse 3x, Planks 3x
  • LE Special Items:  
    LE Special Item - Colorful Shingle

    LE Special Item - Colorful Shingle

    Colorful Shingle,
    LE Special Item - Prank Supplies

    LE Special Item - Prank Supplies

    Prank Supplies


  • Cheer:  6,720
  • Gold:  1

Studio SpaceEdit

  • Search the Forest  (2 Axes)

Painting StudioEdit

  • Clean the Prank Studio  (3 Hours)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer

Shingle SearchEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Colorful Shingle and Collect  (3 Axes)  (1 Hour)
  • Optional:  240 Cheer

Roofing RuckusEdit

  • Build the Prank Studio  (4 Hours)  (Chisel 10x, Dye 2x)
  • Optional:  960 Cheer

Rhesus RoofersEdit

  • Visit the Prank House 1x  (Up to 4 Hours)
  • Optional:  960 Cheer

Lemon LadderEdit

  • Harvest Lemon Tree 1x  (Up to 16 Hours)
  • Optional:  3,840 Cheer
  • Reward:  1 Axe

Supplies Surprise!Edit

  • Explore the Cave for the Prank Supplies  (2 Axes)
  • Optional:  1 Gold

Prankster PerorationEdit

  • Complete the Prank Studio  (Sawhorse 3x, Planks 3x)

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