Nothing beats hopping in a pool on a warm summer day!  There had to be a pool in the Golden City.  Let's find it!


  • None


  • LE Structure:  
    LE Structure - Swimming Pool

    LE Structure - Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool



  • Cheer:  1,200
  • Gold:  1

Pool TimesEdit

  • Search the Forest  (2 Axes)

Pool BoyEdit

  • Clean the Swimming Pool  (2 Hours)
  • Optional:  480 Cheer

Shark LeakEdit

  • Visit the Safe House 3x  (Up to 3 Hours)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer

Note:  There is another LE where you Find and Complete the Safe House for free.  Since I'm not sure if Kiwi will ReActivate that LE, the Safe House will cost you 1,880 Coins, 30 Minutes and Optional 120 Cheer to complete.  Or, you can pay the Gold to extend this LE after it expires and wait to see if the LE that Finds the Safe House in the Forest.  Me, personally, I like waiting for the Task telling me to do something, no matter how long it takes for it to show up.  However, there are a few Houses and Buildings that you receive no order to Build.  You'll have to do a search of the raw data for the Regular Series and LE Series to see if there is ever and order to Purchase and Build or find in the Forest.  -CB

Slide and SeekEdit

  • Explore the Cave for the Slide  (0 Axes)  (Up to 1 Minute)
  • Optional:  1 Gold

Too Pool for SchoolEdit

  • Complete the Swimming Pool  (Honey Bun 3x, Quarry Stone 2x)

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