The creepy crows of Brightwood are squawking about a haunted castle in the Forest.  Let's search for it!



  • LE Structure:  
    LE Structure - Brightsylvania Castle

    LE Structure - Brightsylvania Castle

    Brightsylvania Castle


  • Axes:  _
  • Decor:  Evil Crow Tree 1x, Witch Broomsticks 1x
  • Special Items:  Rocks 10x
  • Neighbor Items:  Peace Rock 3x
  • LE Special Items:  Crystal Cup



  • Purchase Evil Crow Tree 1x  (469 Coins)

Word of BeakEdit

  • Search the Forest  (2 Axes)

Anybody Home?Edit

  • Clean the Brightsylvania Castle  (1 Hour)
  • Optional:  240 Cheer

Broom BorrowingEdit

  • Purchase Witch Broomsticks 1x  (469 Coins)

Slightly ScaredEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Crystal Cup and Collect  (3 Axes)  (2 Hours)
  • Optional:  480 Cheer

Puttin on the RitzEdit

  • Build the Brightsylvania Castle  (3 Hours)  (Rocks 10x, Peace Rock 3x)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer

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