Spooks and Goblins need a place to rest too!  The Fairies surely created some kind of Halloween shelter deep in the Forest!



  • LE Structure:  
    LE Structure - Fairy Halloween Hut

    LE Structure - Fairy Halloween Hut

    Fairy Halloween Hut



Creepies on MoveEdit

  • Visit the Watch Tower 1x  (Up to 5 Minutes)
  • Optional:  20 Cheer

Catniss's AmbushEdit

  • Search the Forest  (_ Axes)

Coming Up EmptyEdit

  • Clean the Fairy Halloween Hut  (_ Hours)
  • Optional:  _ Cheer

Note:  I have already completed this LE before I was recording all the Walkthrough info.  If anyone has any or all of the Walkthrough info (including screenshots of LE Special Items) to post, please let me know and I will either help you or you can give me all the info with screenshots and I'll post the info with proper formatting for you.  Thanks!  -CB

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