With summer just around the corner, the Village is looking for ways to cool off.  Let's help them search!


  • Gold:  1


  • LE Structure:  
    LE Structure - Aquatic Playground

    LE Structure - Aquatic Playground

    Aquatic Playground



  • Cheer:  3,120

Balloon BustEdit

  • Search the Forest  (3 Axes)

Vicious VinesEdit

  • Clean the Aquatic Playground  (4 Hours)
  • Optional:  960 Cheer

Doctor's OrdersEdit

  • Visit the Doctor's Office 1x  (Up to 5 Hours)
  • Optional:  1,200 Cheer

Park PartyEdit

  • Visit the School House 1x  (Up to 1 Hour)
  • Play the Caravan 3x
  • Optional:  240 Cheer


  • Search the Forest for the Green Tubing and Collect  (3 Axes)  (3 Hours)
  • Optional:  720 Cheer

Aquatic AwesomenessEdit

  • Complete the Aquatic Playground  (Dewdrop 10x, Shield 3x)
    • Reward:  1 Gold

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