Spook Row is a small, halloween-themed village, similar to but geographically separate from the main Brightwood Village, which can be reached via a special Portal found in the village. Spook Row has its own Helper and Residents, and also has some unique Buildings, Houses and Decor items available to buy from the Market.

See also: Snowy Hills


Location Names:

Spook Row, Spooky Woods, Spooky Forest, Haunted Forest, etc.

Portal Names:

Portal Spooky, Haunted Portal, Nightmare Portal, Spooky Woods Portal, etc.




Buildings (3); Decor (5); Houses (1)

Quest Structures:

5 Total

Unique Special Items:

5 Total (Anima Talisman, Frog Potion, Haunted Spirit, Lock of Hair, Spooky Velvet)

Other Location Specifics:

Clutter: Pile of Fear

Location Unlocked by:

Series: A Friendly Gathering; Quest: 1. Warming Up

Helper: Frankenpine

Pile of Fear Edit

Time: 3 Seconds Produces: +5 Coins, +1 XP, Haunted Spirit, Anima Talisman

Spooky Buildings

Spooky Market: Buildings
Building Image Slot Level Cost Size Special Items Needed Build Time Build Exp Happiness Earned Coin/Exp Production Rate Special Items Produced Quest Purchased

Bakes Hotel

Bakes Hotel 1 n/a 1,700 Coin 2x2 5x Talisman Cookies, 5x Haunted Spirit, 2x Quarry Stone 1 Hour 21 Exp 36 Happiness 5/3hr N/A N/A

Ancient Shell Wares

100px 2 n/a 9,300 Coin 2x2 10x Haunted Spirit, 5x Lock of Hair 2 Hours 116 Exp 108 Happiness 5/1hr Lock of Hair Series: Tower of Terror; Quest: 8. Ancient Shell Wares

Haunted Stage

100px 3 n/a (Level 6 according to Spook Row page) 1,900 Coin 2x2 6x Spooky Velvet, 4x Frog Potion, 15x Haunted Spirit 2 Hours 23 Exp 40 Happiness 20/6hr Spooky Velvet Series: Drake's Castle; Quest: 10. Haunted Stages

Spooky Market: Houses
House Image Residents Slot Level Cost Size Build Time Build Exp Happiness Earned Cheer/Exp Production Rate Quest Visited

Spooky House

100px Zombie Frogs 1 n/a 1,660 Coin 2x2 1 Hour 100 Exp xxx Happiness 34/3hr Single: Spooky House

Spooky Market: Decor
Decor Item Image Slot Level Cost Size Placement Exp Happiness Earned Quest Purchased (and Quantity)

Mummified Ancestors

Loc haunted mb market


1 n/a 415 Coins 1x1 5 Exp 146 Happiness Single: Mummies (1x)

Undead Claw

Loc haunted bearclaw market


2 n/a 415 Coins 1x1 5 Exp 146 Happiness Single: Mummies (5x)

Anima Lanterns

Loc haunted al market


3 n/a 415 Coins 1x1 5 Exp 146 Happiness Single: Anima Lanterns (5x)

Spooky Fencing

Loc haunted sf market


4 n/a 415 Coins 1x1 5 Exp 146 Happiness Single: Spooky Fencing (5x or 10x, need confirmation)


Loc haunted ghosts market


5 n/a 415 Coins 1x1 5 Exp 146 Happiness Single: Ghostly Figures (5x)

The following Quest Structures are located in the Village, but are related to Spook Row in some manner. In alphabetical order:

  • Portal Haunted (provides access to Spook Row)

The following Quest Structures that are located in Spook Row. In alphabetical order:

  • Cobweb Bouquet
  • Drake's Castle
  • Orange Bounce
  • Tower of Terror
  • Tub of Bubbling Brew

Information on this page should be complete aside from links.

Note: According to currently available information, Drake's Castle is opened by Series: Cafe! Yay! It seems odd that Drake's Castle is not opened by a previous Spooky Quest, as all others are, so if anyone has conflicting information on the origin of Series: Drake's Castle, please mention it.

Note: Aside from the six Single Quests opened by Series: Orange Bounce, all of the following Single Quests take place in the Village, not Spooky.

Spooky Quest TreeEdit

Continued from the Plant and Grow (Branch).

Continued by no further Branches.

Series: Orange Bounce (Structure: Portal Haunted, Spooky Helper: Frankenpine and Spooky Structure: Orange Bounce)(opened by Series: A Friendly Gathering 1.Warming Up)

  • Single: Spooky House (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 1.Entering Spook Row)
  • Single: Mummies (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 2.Digestive Walk)
  • Single: Undead Claws (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 3.Pumpkin Flavors)
  • Single: Anima Lanterns (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 4.Big Lungs)
  • Single: Spooky Fencing (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 5.Dizzy Spells)
  • Single: Ghostly Figures (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 7.Huff and Puff!)
  • Series: Silken Splendor (Structure: Cobweb Bouquet)(opened by Series: Orange Bounce 8.)
    • Single: More Zombie Friends (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 1.Spooky Sweet)
    • Single: Anima Bones (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 2.Glisten Up)
    • Single: Under Scares (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 3.Priority Tidiness)
    • Single: Bat Roads (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 4.Gossip Ring)
    • Single: Holes in Trees (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 5.Sweet Notions)
    • Single: Cauldron Style (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 7.Spill the Beans)
    • Series: Bubbling Homebrew (Structure: Tub of Bubbling Brew)(opened by Series: Silken Splendor 10.Beauty Adored)
      • Single: Climb the Spooks (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 1.S'il Vous Plait)
      • Single: Mansion for All (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 2.Tub Gorg)
      • Single: Spook Lights (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 3.Demuckify)
      • Single: Crunching Leaves (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 4.Producing Prep)
      • Single: Count's Coffin (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 5.Secret Potion)
  • Series: Tower of Terror (Structure: Tower of Terror)(opened by Series: Orange Bounce 8.Creepy Hotel)

Overlapping BranchesEdit

In Spooky, but not part of Tree:

In Cool Beans (Branch):

  • Series: Drake's Castle (Spooky Structure: Drake's Castle)(opened by Series: Cafe! Yay! 1.At the Cafe)

Special ItemsEdit

These Items are specific to Spook Row Quest Structures and subsequently constructed Buildings.

  • Anima Talisman
  • Frog Potion
  • Haunted Spirit
  • Lock of Hair
  • Spooky Velvet

Single Quests that take place in Spooky Woods. Standard Reward for all is +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Quest Title
Opened by: Level or Quest or whatever

Opens: additional quests or N/A

Opening Dialogue
List of Tasks
Closing Dialogue
Reward: + Axe , + Gold , + Brightwood Bucks , or Standard

Single: Spooky HouseEdit

Single: Spooky House
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 1. Entering Spook Row

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: Hoo hoo! Guess who I just befriended! A Zombie Frog, let's meet him.
Visit the new neighbor!
  • Tap Spooky House to collect. (1x)
  • Alternate: Visit: Spooky House 1x
Closing Dialogue: Don't be scared! Frogs don't have teeth! ... Right? Umm...
Reward: Standard

Single: MummiesEdit

Single: Mummies
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 2. Digestive Walk

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: What is scarier than Creepies you ask? Our Mummified Ancestors. RAWR!
Decorate the town with a Mummified Ancestor.
  • Purchase Mummified Ancestor from Market under Decor. (1x)
  • Alternates: Purchase Spooky Decor: Mummified Ancestor 1x ; or Place: Mummified Ancestor 1x
Closing Dialogue: They won't be children forever! We must teach them to stand up to fear!
Reward: Standard

Single: Undead ClawsEdit

Single: Undead Claws
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 3. Pumpkin Flavors

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: Let's place some scary bear claws that seem like they're about to snatch ya!
Decorate the town with Undead Claws. *Purchase Undead Claws from Market under Decor. (5x)
  • Alternatives: Purchase Spooky Decor: Undead Claws 5x ; or Place: Undead Claws 5x
Closing Dialogue: Scary ain't it? At night it does feel like they're going to steal you away!
Reward: Standard

Single: Anima LanternsEdit

Single: Anima Lanterns
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 4. Big Lungs

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: Ah! Zis holiday always scares me... but I do love the bright flashy lights!
Decorate the town with Anima Lanterns.
  • Purchase Anima Lanterns from Market under Decor. (5x)
  • Alternatives: Purchase Spooky Decor: Anima Lanterns 5x ; or Place: Anima Lanterns 5x
Closing Dialogue: Ah, zis lighting makes my pumpkin spice cookies look so much better!
Reward: Standard

Single: Spooky FencingEdit

Single: Spooky Fencing
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 5. Dizzy Spells

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: Creepies will not infiltrate us during the holidays on my watch!
Place Spooky Fences around the Village.
  • Purchase Spooky Fences from Market under Decor. (10x)
  • Alternatives: Purchase Spooky Decor: Spooky Fences 10x ; or Place: Spooky Fences 10x
Closing Dialogue: I would rather have Spooky Fencing than Creepies amongst us in costumes!
Reward: Standard

Single: Ghostly FiguresEdit

Single: Ghostly Figures
Opened by: Series: Orange Bounce; Quest: 7. Huff and Puff

Opens: N/A

Opening Dialogue: Spirits are always welcome during the holidays! Let's make some!
Place some Ghost decorations in the Village.
  • Purchase Ghosts from Market under Decor. (5x)
  • Alternatives: Purchase Spooky Decor: Ghosts 5x ; or Place: Ghosts 5x
Closing Dialogue: Someone might have an appetite for these Ghosts.
Reward: Standard

Single Quests taking place in the Village that are Opened/Unlocked by completing certain Steps of Spooky Quest Series.

Several Silken Splendor Quests open Singles for Brightwood Village

Single: More Zombie Friends?Edit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 1. Spooky Sweet
  • Construct: Murky Home
  • Visit: Murky Home 1x (for Delilah Duck)
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Anima BonesEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 2. Glisten Up
  • Place: Anima Bones 5x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Under ScaresEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 3. Priority Tidiness
  • Place: Inflatable Arcs 3x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Bat RoadsEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 4. Gossip Ring
  • Place: Bat Confetti 10x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Holes in TreesEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 5. Sweet Notions
  • Place: Hollow Trees 5x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Cauldron StyleEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Silken Splendor; Quest 7. Spill the Beans
  • Place: Witches Couldron 1x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp (presumably)
    • Note: Reward shows +10 Coin, +25 Exp, which may be a typo. Need confirmation.

Several Tower of Terror Steps open Single Quests for the Village

Single: Climb the SpooksEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Tower of Terror; Quest 1. Drake the Fifth
  • Construct: Tree House
    • Note: This quest was probably intended to be for the Spooky Tree House, however the Tree House is what is used.
  • Visit: Tree House 1x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Mansion for AllEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Tower of Terror; Quest 2. Clean Drake's Castle
  • Construct: Haunted Mansion
  • Visit: Haunted Mansion 1x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

player2start note to self: something about 5 Hours?

Single: Spook LightsEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Tower of Terror; Quest 3. Spirit Picking
  • Place: Spooky Lights 5x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Crunching LeavesEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Tower of Terror; Quest 4. Clingy Horrors
  • Place: Fall Trees 5x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

Single: Count's CoffinEdit

  • Opened by Completing: Series: Tower of Terror; Quest 5. Cling High and Tight
  • Place: Count's Coffin 1x
  • Reward: +100 Coin, +25 Exp

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