Quest Requirements: (2) Axes, 41 Gold, Fall Crafts at Level 3

Given after: Phase 1 of A Friendly Gathering

This Quest can't be completed without spending Gold. However, you can save half that Gold or better if you delay the Quest after completing Phase 1. Then wait for a Gold Sale, when Premium Buildings, Houses and Decor go on Sale, usually for 60% off their normal price. Don't forget to build the Feather House from Phase 6 before the Gold Sale ends, even if you have not yet reached that Phase.

Gift Basket WeavingEdit

  • Craft 1 Holiday Card, 1 Candy Gram, and 1 Gift Crisis! (=Gift Basket)
  • Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Requires: 5 Wild Honey
  • Reward: 1 Axe

Hibernation StorageEdit

  • Build the Harvest Farm
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 12 Gold!

Adding to the StockEdit

  • Plant and Harvest 2 Blue Corn
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 
  • Net gain: 
  • Harvest Pecan Tree 2 times
  • Visit the Harvest Farm 2 times
  • Reward: 1 Gold


  • Search the Forest for the Scarebear
  • Cost: 3 Axes

No StrawmenEdit

  • Clean the Scarebear
  • Time: 1 hour

Mr. Turkey!Edit

  • Build the Feather House
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 30 Gold!

{5 more Phases}Edit

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