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Series: Axing Up (Extended Walkthrough)=Edit

Depends on

Axes: -1

Standard Rewards: +50 Coins, + 5 Exp

Additional Rewards: +5 Axes (+3 from Quests, +2 from Treasure Chest)

Experience MattersEdit

Series: Axing Up 1.Experience Matters
Opened by: Series: Ze Sweet Honey 3.Gardenlicious

Notes: Opens: N/A

Wally: Aww! I want to explore the Forest, but Papa says I can't use Axes until I have more experience. Let's help the Village grow and earn some experience!
Work the farm fields to build strength and XP. Grow 9 plots of Carrots.
  • Purchase Carrots in Market under Crops. (9x)
    • Cost to skip 9 gold

Climb 3 Orange Trees to build agility and XP.

  • Tap fruit-bearing Orange Tree to harvest. (3x)
    • Cost to skip 3 gold
Wally: Completing tasks helps me reach new XP levels. At new levels, I get more Axes to explore the Dark Forest!
Quest Complete!
  • (Closing Commentary ??)

Reward: Standard, +2 Axe

Treasure LoadEdit

Series: Axing Up 2.Treasure Load

Opens: N/A

Wally: There are all kinds of treasure buried in the Dark Forest. C'mon, let's see what we can find!
Explore the Forest to find a Treasure Chest.
  • Tap Forest to explore.
    • Cost: -1 Axe

Open the Treasure Chest to find a reward!

  • Tap Paws icon to open the Treasure Chest.
    • Cost: 1 Hour
    • Cost to skip 1 gold
Wally: The Forest is rich with treasure. Literally! It's always handy to have an Axe when exploring the Dark Forest.
Quest Complete!
  • (Closing Commentary ??)

Reward: Standard, +1 Axe (with additional +2 Axe from Treasure Chest)

previous version From page: Axing UpEdit

Quest Requirements: None

Given after: Phase 3 of Ze Sweet Honey

A simple and short quest which will provide you with more Coins and Axes.

Experience MattersEdit

  • Plant and Harvest 9 Carrots
  • Harvest Orange Tree 3 times
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Cost: 45
  • Net gain: 45
  • Reward: 2 Axes

Treasure LoadEdit

  • Search the Forest for Treasure Chest
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Cost: 1 Axe
  • Reward: 3 Axes (2 in Chest and 1 as Quest reward)

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