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Basic InfoEdit

Series Information

Series: Campfire Songs
Opened by: Unknown Level

Opens: N/A

Number of Quests: 12

Status: Current (added to game 03-22-2014)

Quest Series Type: Regular, Structure Construction
Quest Items: Stone, Chairs, Fire
Standard Reward: +100/20 Coins/Exp
Issues: There appear to be minor issues with the Storyline, with a few less minor issues with some of the Quest Tasks.
Total Purchases: Crop: Corn (3x)
Total Costs: -10 Axes, -5 Peace Rocks, -10 Rocks, -5 Planks, -3 Friend Hammer, -5 Fairy Dust, -3 Wish Pouch
Total Rewards: +1200/240 Coin/Exp

Structure: Town Firepit 200px

Structure Information

Structure: Town Firepit
Series: Campfire Songs

Series Status: Current (added to game 03-22-2014)

Notes: There appear to be minor issues with the associated Quest Series, mostly the Storyline, with a few less minor issues with some of the Quest Tasks
200px Story: Catniss wants to re-build a Town Firepit so the Villagers can all gather around it and sing together.
Structure Type: Standard

Produces: +?/? Coin/Exp Regeneration: 24 Hours

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Quick Walkthrough for Series: Campfire Songs (Structure: Town Firepit)

  • 1.Making Room
    • Clear Clutter (10x)
  • 2.Fond Memories
    • Explore Forest (Cost: 3 Axes)
  • 3.Leftovers From Another
    • Clean: Town Firepit Foundation (Cost: 3 Hours)
  • 4.Great Responsibility
    • Visit: School House (1x)
  • 5.A Stone Seat
    • Find and Collect: Stone (Cost: 3 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 6.Enduring Beauty
    • Build: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Stone, 5 Peace Rocks, 10 Rocks, 3 Hours)
  • 7.Fire Starter
    • Visit: Dune House (2x)
  • 8.More Chairs
    • Find and Collect: Chairs (Cost: 2 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 9.Building Up The Circle (Note! In-game instructions incorrect! Correct instructions below!)
    • Build: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Chairs, 5 Planks, 3 Friend Hammer, 3 Hours)
  • 10.Firepit Cooking
    • Harvest: Corn (3x)
  • 11.Mesmerizing Flames (Note: Quest completes after Finding Quest Item, but the Quest Item still needs to be Collected)
    • Find and Collect: Fire (Cost: 2 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 12.Ready To Sing
    • Complete: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Fire, 5 Fairy Dust, 3 Wish Pouch)

Series: Campfire Songs (Extended Walkthrough)Edit

Making RoomEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 1.Making Room
Notes: N/A
Catniss: I love my time exploring the forest and would like to share my favorite parts with my friends. Nothing brings people together quite like singing around a Town Firepit! Good friends, a blazing fire and rousing songs...what's not to like?
Clear Clutter to create space for the Town Firepit.
  • Tap 10 Clutter to clear. (10x)
    • Cost to skip 2 gold
Catniss: That's a large enough space for a Town Firepit!
Quest Complete!
  • It's important to clear a large space around a Town Firepit for safety

Reward: Standard

Fond MemoriesEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 2.Fond Memories
Notes: N/A
Catniss: Now that enough space is cleared it's time to search for the perfect Town Firepit. I've seen a few in the forest that will do nicely.
Search the Forest for a Town Firepit.
  • Tap Forest to explore.
    • (Cost: 3 Axes)
Catniss: Wow! This particular firepit is one of my favorites.
Quest Complete!
  • Ahhh, good memories were had here!

Reward: Standard

Leftovers From AnotherEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 3.Leftovers From Another
Notes: N/A
Catniss: Ugh, it looks like someone has used this Town Firepit and didn't clean up after themselves at all. It's full of old ash and bits of food.
Clean the old ash and food out of the Town Firepit.
  • Tap Town Firepit foundation to clean.
    • (Cost: 3 Hours)
Catniss: It amazes me how careless some people can be with firepits!
Quest Complete!
  • I always clean out my firepits so that they're ready for the next person.

Reward: Standard

Great ResponsibilityEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 4.Great Responsibility
Notes: N/A
Catniss: Before putting together our first bonfire, everyone must attend a fire safety class at the School House. It will be taught by Wally Bearclaw himself!
Attend fire safety class at the School House.
  • Tap School House to collect. (1x)
    • Cost to skip 2 gold
Catniss: Wasn't that informative?
Quest Complete!
  • Remember friends, it's your responsibility to help prevent forest fires!

Reward: Standard

A Stone SeatEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 5.A Stone Seat
Notes: See Storyline Issue.
Catniss: We'll need to create some seating for the folks to sit around the Town Firepit. I believe that a nice, flat stone will do the trick as long as it's big enough
Find a large, flat Stone in the Forest.
  • Tap Forest to explore.
    • (Cost: 3 Axes)

Collect the large, flat Stone

  • Tap Stone to collect
    • (Cost: 2 Hours)
Catniss: What an excellent find! You found a stone so smooth that it has no ridges at all
Quest Complete!
  • I can't wait to get started with cooking at the Town Firepit!

Reward: Standard

Enduring BeautyEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 6.Enduring Beauty
Notes: N/A
Catniss: No Town Firepit is complete without a place for people to sit while they enjoy the fire, food and song! I believe we can reasonably turn this Stone into three chairs.
Build three chairs out of the Stone
  • Tap Town Firepit foundation to build.
    • (Cost: Quest Item-Stone, 5 Peace Rocks, 10 Rocks, 3 Hours)
Catniss: How comfortable they are! Especially considering they're made of stone.
Quest Complete!
  • These rustic chairs will have an enduring beauty to last a lifetime.

Reward: Standard

Fire StarterEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 7.Fire Starter
Notes: N/A
Catniss: We need to collect some firewood, but it's too dark to venture into the forest right now. Let's ask the family in the Dune House for some firewood to get us started with our first blaze.
Ask the family in the Dune House for some firewood.
  • Tap Dune House to collect. (2x)
    • Cost to skip 2 gold
Catniss: What kind neighbors we have in the village!
Quest Complete!
  • They shared enough firewood for a week of bonfires!

Reward: Standard

More ChairsEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 8.More Chairs
Notes: N/A
Catniss: Rowan told me that the stone chairs are too cold for him and he would prefer to sit around the fire on a wooden chair. We'll have to keep it safe from stray sparks, but Chairs can be found in the Forest easily!
Search the Forest for wooden Chairs.
  • Tap Forest to explore.
    • (Cost: 2 Axes)

Pick up the chairs.

  • Tap Chairs to collect.
    • (Cost: 2 Hours)
Catniss: Perfect! These chairs are higher than the stone seats as well, so they're better for folks with longer legs.
Quest Complete!
  • I've even coated them with fire-retardant so that they will resist getting burned.

Reward: Standard

Building Up The CIrcleEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 9.Building Up The CIrcle
Notes: Quest title (Building Up The CIrcle) consistent with game capitalization. Also, see Storyline Issue.

Inconsistent instructions! Does not require searching Forest, is a Build Task only!

Catniss: This Town Firepit is missing some stones from it's circle. That's an easy fix however, as Stones are commonly found in the Forest. My my estimation, we'll need exactly four medium-sized Stones.
Search the Forest for four Stones.
  • Tap Town Firepit foundation to build.
    • (Cost: Quest Item-Chairs, 5 Planks, 3 Friend Hammer, 3 Hours)
Catniss: These look like the exact stones that were missing from the circle! What an incredible find!
Quest Complete!
  • As a result, they fit with perfect ease.

Reward: Standard

Firepit CookingEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 10.Firepit Cooking
Notes: N/A or details
Catniss: Let's harvest something fun to cook at the Town Firepit the first night! How about popcorn? I have to admit it's my favorite and I'm certain Horace will do it justice.
Harvest Corn
  • Tap fully grown Corn to collect. (3x)
    • Cost to skip 2 gold
Catniss: That was such an abundant crop that I think we'll also make some roasted corn on the fire. Yum!
Quest Complete!
  • I'll just deliver this Corn to Horace for him to prepare. I can't wait for the results!

Reward: Standard

Mesmerizing FlamesEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 11.Mesmerizing Flames
Notes: Though two Tasks are given, Find and Collect the Quest Item, for some reason Quest is completed after Quest Item is Found and before it is Collected. Quest Item will have to be Collected to complete the next Build Quest though, so the Cost is listed here.
Catniss: What's a firepit without fire? Our Town Firepit will not be an ordinary one. I want to get magical Fire from the Forest. Magical Fire never burns out and it glows with the most spectacular colors!
Search the Forest for magical Fire.
  • Tap Forest to explore.
    • (Cost: 2 Axes)

Bring back the magical Fire.

  • Tap Fire to collect.
    • (Cost: 2 Hours)
Catniss: It's quite mesmerizing! I can certainly say that I'm looking forward to many peaceful nights around the Town Firepit.
Quest Complete!
  • It's a good thing I brought several torches to carry the Fire back with!

Reward: Standard

Ready To SingEdit

Series: Campfire Songs 12.Ready To Sing
Notes: The previous Quest is somehow completed before the Quest Item is Collected. The Quest Item still must be Collected in order to Complete the Structure.
Catniss: It's time to light it up! The firewood is ready, the chairs are placed and the fire is here. I'm going to ask Edmund Bearclaw to do the honors and light the Town Firepit.
Light the Town Firepit with the magical Fire.
  • Tap Town Firepit foundation to complete.
    • (Cost: Quest Item-Fire, 5 Fairy Dust, 3 Wish Pouch)
Catniss: It's magnificent, and thankfully almost smoke-free! We've got popcorn from Horace and I've brought songbooks.
Quest Complete!
  • It's going to be an amazing night with friends!

Reward: Standard


Storyline Issue

The Quests within this Series are slightly inconsistent. It may be that an original part of the Series was scratched out and overwritten, without being completely cleared up, creating slightly conflict within the Storyline. This conflict involves the Quest Item: Stone and the text regarding the stone seating and the stone fire ring. Note that no images of the Structure and its progress show any sign of there being stone seating.

Based on the Quests and images, with some minor Quest omissions, here are two versions of the Storyline.

How the current Story reads:

  • Catniss Explores the Forest for an old Firepit (Quest 2) and Cleans it (Quest 3). She Finds and Collects a large flat Stone (Quest 5) that looks more like a group of rocks, and Builds some stone seating (Quest 6) that bears a strong resemblence to a re-constructed fire ring. Then, at Rowan's request, she Finds and Collects some Chairs (Quest 8). She then thinks she should go into the Forest to look for Stones to re-build the stone fire ring, but in actuallity Builds the Chairs into the Firepit area (Quest 9). Somehow this construction leads her to believe she's found the perfect Stones for the fire ring. She decides no normal flame will do, and so goes into the Forest to Find and Collect magical Fire (Quest 11). Except she forgets to actually Collect it, and has to do so quickly before Completing the Firepit (Quest 12).

How the Story was likely to have read at one point:

  • Catniss Explored the Forest for an old Firepit (Quest 2) and Cleaned it (Quest 3). She Found and Collected some Stone (Task for Quest 5 with text from Quest 9) to re-Build the old fire ring (Structure's appearance resulting from Quest 6). Then, at Rowan's request, she Found and Collected some Chairs (Quest 8), and Built them into the Firepit area (actual Task for Quest 9). She decided no normal flame would do, and so went into the Forest to Find and Collect magical Fire (Quest 11). She may have forgotten to actually Collect the Fire, and likely had to do so quickly before Completing the Firepit (Quest 12).

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