For all intents and purposes, the first "true" Quest is Single: Search Party. However, in the interests of consistency within this wiki, the first group of Tasks within the game will be described and listed as though they are part of a Quest Series (Series: Game Introduction). These Tasks as a group are similar to an unnumbered Quest Series, as one leads directly to the next, they all share the theme/goal of introducing the player to game concepts, and their completion is required to significantly advance in the game. Individually these Quests do not result in any rewards. Collectively, their "rewards" are the gaining of Level 2 and the opening of Single: Search Party.

Due to the atypical nature of the Introductory Quests, the information on this page will be presented slightly differently. For example, in these Quests the instructions are given completely in dialogue boxes, not the typical format. As such, the text from each box is noted by bullet points. Following Quest Series have instructions given in a dialogue-like manner, with further clarification on the flipside of each Task's box. Format for following series has the dialogue-like instructions followed by a bulletpoint noting the clarification. In game there are blue arrows to help navigate through the game's instructions. These are not noted below, as they are a visual cue and not text-based.


Series: Game Introduction 1.Welcome!
Notes: N/A
Wally: I'm Wally Bearclaw. I'm sure glad you're here! I've gotten tangled in these clingyhug vines and can't get out. Please help me!
  • Tap the vines to release Wally.
  • Here are rewards for your help! Tap to collect.
N/A (no closing dialogue boxes)(unless I missed that screenshot player2start 02:06, May 12, 2014 (UTC))

Lost and FoundEdit

Series: Game Introduction 2.Lost and Found
Notes: N/A
Wally: Papa and I were exploring the forest together, but I got lost. Please help me find him! He can't be far!
  • Search by tapping the Forest. Tap the Axe to confirm.
    • (Cost: 1 Axe)
Wally: Rowan! What are you doing here? I was looking for Papa!

Rowan: Wally, I'm so glad you found me! I was looking for the Lost Village of King Lionheart and I got stuck in these awful vines! Can you help me?

  • Tap the vines to release Rowan!
Rowan: Phew, that feels better! Can you believe we've found the Lost Village? It's the safest spot in the Dark Forest!

Feeding TimeEdit

Series: Game Introduction 3.Feeding Time
Notes: N/A
Rowan: I want to help Wally find his Papa, but I'm too hungry! What can we do to fill my belly?
  • Rowan: These pumpkins are fully grown. Tap to harvest them.
  • Wally: I'm hungry too! Tap this pumpkin plot also!
Rowan: Thanks! I love a garden fresh snack. Now I'm ready to help!

Raise the RoofEdit

Series: Game Introduction 4.Raise the Roof
Notes: N/A
Wally: Great! But let's build a Tent before we keep searching. Papa's going to need a place to rest when we find him!
  • This tent is nearly finished. Tap it to finish construction.
Wally: Our Tent got crowded in a hurry! The Ducks were looking for shelter from the Dark Forest too!


Series: Game Introduction 5.Housewarming
Notes: N/A
Wally: Papa wouldn't want us to be rude and run off. Let's give the Ducks a welcome gift before we keep looking for him!
  • Go to the market to purchase a Pink Flower Bed.
  • Drag the Pink Flower Bed to a new spot.
  • Tap to confirm placement.
  • That's enough for now. Tap to exit.
Wally: Pink flowers are Papa's favorite too... I can't wait to find him! Let's go!
Opens Single: Search Party (the game's first actual Quest)

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