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Note: According to currently available information, Drake's Castle is opened by Series: Cafe! Yay! It seems odd that Drake's Castle is not opened by a previous Spooky Quest, as all others are, so if anyone has conflicting information on the origin of Series: Drake's Castle, please mention it.

Note: Aside from the six Single Quests opened by Series: Orange Bounce, all of the following Single Quests take place in the Village, not Spooky.

Spooky Quest TreeEdit

Continued from the Plant and Grow (Branch).

Continued by no further Branches.

Series: Orange Bounce (Structure: Portal Haunted, Spooky Helper: Frankenpine and Spooky Structure: Orange Bounce)(opened by Series: A Friendly Gathering 1.Warming Up)

  • Single: Spooky House (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 1.Entering Spook Row)
  • Single: Mummies (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 2.Digestive Walk)
  • Single: Undead Claws (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 3.Pumpkin Flavors)
  • Single: Anima Lanterns (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 4.Big Lungs)
  • Single: Spooky Fencing (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 5.Dizzy Spells)
  • Single: Ghostly Figures (opened by Series: Orange Bounce 7.Huff and Puff!)
  • Series: Silken Splendor (Structure: Cobweb Bouquet)(opened by Series: Orange Bounce 8.)
    • Single: More Zombie Friends (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 1.Spooky Sweet)
    • Single: Anima Bones (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 2.Glisten Up)
    • Single: Under Scares (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 3.Priority Tidiness)
    • Single: Bat Roads (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 4.Gossip Ring)
    • Single: Holes in Trees (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 5.Sweet Notions)
    • Single: Cauldron Style (opened by Series: Silken Splendor 7.Spill the Beans)
    • Series: Bubbling Homebrew (Structure: Tub of Bubbling Brew)(opened by Series: Silken Splendor 10.Beauty Adored)
      • Single: Climb the Spooks (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 1.S'il Vous Plait)
      • Single: Mansion for All (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 2.Tub Gorg)
      • Single: Spook Lights (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 3.Demuckify)
      • Single: Crunching Leaves (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 4.Producing Prep)
      • Single: Count's Coffin (opened by Series: Bubbling Homebrew 5.Secret Potion)
  • Series: Tower of Terror (Structure: Tower of Terror)(opened by Series: Orange Bounce 8.Creepy Hotel)

Overlapping BranchesEdit

In Spooky, but not part of Tree:

In Cool Beans (Branch):

  • Series: Drake's Castle (Spooky Structure: Drake's Castle)(opened by Series: Cafe! Yay! 1.At the Cafe)

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