Series: Campfire Songs (Structure: Town Firepit)

  • 1.Making Room
    • Clear Clutter (10x)
  • 2.Fond Memories
    • Explore Forest (Cost: 3 Axes)
  • 3.Leftovers From Another
    • Clean: Town Firepit Foundation (Cost: 3 Hours)
  • 4.Great Responsibility
    • Visit: School House (1x)
  • 5.A Stone Seat
    • Find and Collect: Stone (Cost: 3 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 6.Enduring Beauty
    • Build: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Stone, 5 Peace Rocks, 10 Rocks, 3 Hours)
  • 7.Fire Starter
    • Visit: Dune House (2x)
  • 8.More Chairs
    • Find and Collect: Chairs (Cost: 2 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 9.Building Up The Circle (Note! In-game instructions incorrect! Correct instructions below!)
    • Build: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Chairs, 5 Planks, 3 Friend Hammer, 3 Hours)
  • 10.Firepit Cooking
    • Harvest: Corn (3x)
  • 11.Mesmerizing Flames (Note: Quest completes after Finding Quest Item, but the Quest Item still needs to be Collected)
    • Find and Collect: Fire (Cost: 2 Axes, 2 Hours)
  • 12.Ready To Sing
    • Complete: Town Firepit (Cost: Quest Item-Fire, 5 Fairy Dust, 3 Wish Pouch)

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