Quest Requirements: None

Given after: reaching Experience Level 7

In this Quest you will build the Costume Shop, which is listed under the Craftworks but doesn't actually function like any of the other Craftworks. It cannot be upgraded, and the only way to get costumes is with Brightwood Bucks, a special reward that comes mostly from completing Limited Edition Quests.

Since Phase 3 requires a visit to the Brightwood Embassy, wait until you have completed that Building before starting on this Quest.

A Diva IdeaEdit

  • Build the Costume Shop
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 1500
  • Reward: 50 Brightwood Bucks

Change Clothes and GoEdit

  • Purchase Spell Student outfit for Rowan
  • Cost: 30 Brightwood Bucks

Play for FriendsEdit

  • Visit the Brightwood Embassy
  • Reward: 1 Axe

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